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Improving Fire Safety at Home and at Work

Did you know that, on average, fire departments across the United States respond to over 358,000 house fires and 113,000 non-residential structure fires annually? Even more shocking is, in 2015, more than 1.3 million fires [...]

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Remaining Safe in a Technologically Advanced World

With digital technology ever improving, the need for caution and security increases. And in the wake of recent breaches in cybersecurity at several large companies just this year, that need has never been more apparent. [...]

A Day in the Life of an Adjuster at Johns Eastern

The other day I had someone ask me exactly what it is a claims adjuster does. Being in this industry for some time, multiple definitions came to mind. However, I chose not to lose them [...]

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Setting New Goals

We have turned the page on a new year and 2017 is now well underway. The wonderful thing about a new year is that it provides us the opportunity to embrace new ventures for growth [...]

Expressing Gratitude

Over the course of the year it is easy to get caught up in the moment and lose perspective on the things that are most important to each of us. Thanksgiving is the perfect time [...]

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Why Workplace Investigations are Important

There are many incidents that would necessitate an internal investigation, some of which are backed by legal precedence. Instances of discrimination, harassment, safety violations and accidents, and misconduct, in particular, are required to be investigated [...]

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